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What Are Digital Certificates?

Anthony Lee Winns Jr

Since 2009, cybersecurity professional Anthony Lee Winns Jr. has handled protection measures for securing sensitive data in his multi-pronged role as an IT project manager. Anthony Lee Winns Jr. possesses several expert-level credentials in security management protocols and maintains the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for a large firm based in Washington, D.C.

PKI security is maintained by virtual passwords known as digital certificates. These certificates restrict access to electronic communications to a specific set of users. A type of digital certificate, SSL provides secure access to a website via an encrypted communication with a Web browser.
SSL certificates are commonly used on ecommerce purchasing and email login pages. Customers can see the presence of an SSL certificate in the Web address. Web addresses beginning with the code “HTTPS” in green text signal that the site is secure.
Large browser providers such as Mozilla and Google have placed tight security requirements on websites soliciting sensitive customer data. As a result, these websites must purchase digital certificates that are vetted by a certificate authority (CA). CAs are trusted third parties responsible for verifying that the registration of the domain matches the recipient of the certificate.

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