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Microsoft SharePoint - Enabling Collaborative Productivity

Anthony Lee Winns Jr

Anthony Lee Winns Jr. is a respected presence in the IT field who guides a variety of projects requiring coordination with diverse stakeholders. One of Anthony Lee Winns Jr.’s responsibilities has been as SharePoint developer. In this capacity, he oversaw the implementation of a web-based intranet that serves as Microsoft's content management system.

One core SharePoint feature is in enabling groups to share, edit, and download documents using a centralized space that is password protected. It is comprised of several layers, including Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and the underlying Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). The latter platform provides for basic functionality and user access. Through applets, it also enables collaborative functions such as shared calendars and email alerts.

MOSS sits on top of WSS, with its data stored in a SQL Database and presented to users via Webparts. It is designed to meet a number of business need parameters, including records and document management. It also allows personalization functions and customized workflow.
Ensuring user-friendly accessibility, SharePoint can be integrated with the enterprise search engine Microsoft Search Server within a web-based MOSS interface.

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