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Fast Facts - CompTIA Security+

Anthony Lee Winns Jr

Anthony Lee Winns Jr. has worked as an IT specialist since 2009, and has extensive certification and documentation of his skills. One major component of Anthony Lee Winns Jr.'s job is cybersecurity, and he has earned the CompTIA Security+ certification in this field.

CompTIA Security+ assesses an IT professional's skills in areas such as identifying system vulnerabilities, installing network components in a secure manner, and designing effective systems that do not compromise safety. It also covers the management of cybersecurity risks such as access management, business risk management, and cryptography. To receive CompTIA Security+ certification, a professional must sit for an exam not exceeding 90 questions and which lasts 90 minutes.
CompTIA Security+ focuses on hands-on skills and effective work as a cybersecurity expert, rather than strictly assessing the examinee's understanding of security theory. This ensures that all CompTIA Security+ holders have the broad base of skills necessary to be effective in a security-conscious environment. This has made it a popular certification for Department of Defense 8570 compliance. It is also a vendor-neutral examination, assessing basic skills applicable to any product or code base.

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