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Career Opportunity Projections for the IT Security Sector

Anthony Lee Winns Jr

Anthony Lee Winns Jr. is a Woodbridge, Virginia-based professional IT technician with a diverse background in development, IT administration, project management, and customer service. Anthony Lee Winns Jr. has over a decade of experience in the IT sector and has earned a CompTIA Security+ certification, a credential that recognizes the attainment of core IT security competencies.

Professionals in the IT security sector perform duties that protect the technological infrastructure of individuals, private companies, and government agencies. IT security specialists often perform network security audits, password and identity management, and other tasks associated with cybersecurity. As cyber attacks and data breaches become more commonplace, the demand for qualified IT security analysts is growing.
Job growth has been projected to increase by 28 percent from 2016 to 2026, and it is estimated that there will be a shortfall of qualified candidates. Some experts predict that two million more professionals will need to be trained in order to fill current and near-future vacancies in the cybersecurity sector. As a result, positions in the IT security industry are plentiful and lucrative. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree can be expected to make a starting salary of around $67,000 a year.

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